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Vision, Mission and Goal of the Health Department

The vision of the Archdiocesan Health Department is: An improved and accessible health care system that serves the vulnerable population through a well-coordinated structure that recognizes National Health Service Delivery System.

The Department’s mission is: To build a sustainable health system that upholds the development of the people as “persons” with dignity and values, in line with the Gospel.

The goal is to provide Quality, equitable, accessible and efficient basic health care for the population we serve

The Long-term objectives are:

i. To continue strengthening collaboration networking and information sharing with the health partners under the Archdiocese of Gulu
ii. Strengthen the effective utilization of Financial Management Guidelines and manuals that are in use both in Diocesan Health Office (DHO) and Health Units
iii. Improving on efficiency for the financial resources through the use of the financial guidelines and on equity in order to be more accessible
iv. To have increased number of people utilizing the health services by offering a variety of quality services in the diocesan health units.
v. To support and supervise the activities of the lower level units and integrated projects at Archdiocesan Levels.

Activities of the Department

1. Quarterly Support Supervision in all the accredited lower level health units in the Archdiocese, including those that are not accredited but in the process of accreditation.
2. Coordination and liaising with the District Health teams and other partners for effective health service delivery.
3. Meetings with the In-Charges and the Health Unit Management Committee (HUMC) of the Lower Level Units.
4. Collecting data from the LLUs and compiling them to be quarterly and annually submitted to UCMB (Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau).
5. Holding quarterly meeting with the Archdiocesan Health Commission
6. Holding Annual Diocesan Health Assemblies
7. To build the capacity on roles of the Diocesan Health Office and the staff of the Lower Level Units.
8. To build the capacity of the Health Unit In- charges, Management Committee, and staffs, for effective governance and management of the Units, to improve on the quality of health care services at every level
9. To facilitate strengthen the procurement of Essential Drugs and Equipments from JMS for the Lower Level Units
10. Strengthening the correct use of Health Management Information System at all levels of the Archdiocesan health units
11. Strengthening maternal health services through improvement on skills to provide EmONc (Emergency Obstetrical and Neonatal Care) services
12. Ensuring that issues pertaining the integration of Private not for profit (PNFP) and adequate functioning are addressed in district foras.
13. Capacity building for the in-service personnel as well as improving on quality through training of the cadres needed in the staffing establishment.
14. Coordination with all the health units to put priorities in improving on the four indicators (ACCESS, EQUITY, EFFICIENCY AND QUALITY) of Faithfulness to the Mission.